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How many times have you had a desire to know who directed, produced or acted in a movie you saw when you were a kid. The Classic Movie Club is bringing you such a data base for your enjoyment.  Please read the RULES of the movie search to help you locate a movie. Please bear with us the crude way to search a movie. We are in the process of getting our own server, and this will make the search much faster.

We have 7000 movies in our database ranging from 1931 to 1999. The movies have actors, actresses, music director, director and producer names. In the future, we will have songs, movie reviews, video clips, and audio songs from the movie. Be careful about the names of the movies; AZAD can be spelled AAZAD, Hum can be  spelled Ham. Double vowels are added sometimes; Andaz can be ANDAZ or ANDAAZ. The information is gathered from our personal collection of 4000 Hindi movies. There have been about 8000 Hindi movies produced between 1931 and 1998. We have found the names of the 2000 missing movies and we are entering these names on a daily basis to complete the listing. After the movies are entered, the songs will also be listed for each movie as soon as they are compiled. 

 The wallpaper on this page is from the movie Andaaz(1949) starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis.

 In typing 6000 movies there are bound to be some errors and we want people to let us know about them. We will fix them as they are reported to us. To contact us please E-mail us.  
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To begin, go to the starting character of the movie as shown below. The first search within a letter may take 30 seconds or so. The second search within the same letter will be very fast. 

A A - AL( starting with AA to AL)    AM- AZ     (starting with AM to AZ)

 B    C    D   E   F  G    H     I     J    K     L   M     N   O   P     Q   R  
 SAA - SHA (starting with SAA to SHA   SHB - SZZ (srating with SHB to SZZ

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